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Ordnacin is back is back (and so is! We had some problems with spammers spamming the site and got flagged by our old host. But now we have transferred to another host and we are good to go… Check back at the site for more yuotube videos…

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Kobe and Lebron Puppet Commercial Yuotube Vedio

Check out this Kobe and Lebron Puppet Commercial Yuotube Vedio. It’s hilarious. Not sure though if the projected Kobe and Lebron NBA Finals showdown is going to happen as both teams are faltering at the moment. Kudos to the Nuggets and Magic though for giving us two competitive conference finals.

Anyway enjoy the Kobe and Lebron Pupper Commercial yuotube vedio below…

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer Vedio

One word: AWESOME! Well at least the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer Vedio is, for all we know the movie might be a bomb. Anyway we catch a glimpse of some of the characters in the movie. That guy from Friday Night Lights is perfect as Gambit! I thought they really nailed the “kinetic cards” effect of Gambit.

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Heroes and Dexter Season Enders

Just watched today the season finale’s of Heroes and Dexter. Gotta say Heroes: Villains was such a disappointment, a major snoozer. Character motivations weren’t consistent, you never really felt the world threatened nor what exactly Nathan and his Dad’s goal, boring and rehashed plotlines. I’m hoping the next one is a lot better.

In sharp contrast the third season of Dexter was excellent. I like how they managed the Miguel Prado plotline. At the start I thought Miguel Prado would be hounding Dexter similar to David Carradine in season 2. But the show surprised me and made Miguel Prado Dexter’s kill buddy. Wonder what they will have up their sleeves in season 4 ?

For more on the Dexter season finale check out the yuotube vedio below:

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Michael Crichton Dies

I just read the news that Michael Crichton died yesterday at age 66. In case you didn’t know Michael Chrichton is the author of best selling books Jurrasic Park, Congo, Sphere, Disclosure and Andromeda Strain. He is also the co-creator of E.R. the TV series.

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Heroes: Villains

Where to begin ? So many things happening in the latest chapter of Heroes entitled “Villains”. Things start off with Future Peter going into the past to shoot his brother. No surprises there as a lot of people thought the shooter was either Peter or HRG.

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Good Time to be a Couch Potato

After two or three months of relative dearth of good tv shows (good thing I was able to score season 2 of Friday Night Lights) comes the deluge. Yes, many of our favorite tv shows are here.

Dexter’s back to his killing ways with Jimmy Smits as his likely protagonist. Coincidentally enough the one role I really remember Jimmy Smits from is as a lawyer in L.A. Law which in Dexter he also plays one though he’s on the government side this time.

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Wow, it’s been almost two months since my last post not to mention that in the past 4 months I’ve only made 4 or 5 posts at that. And it certainly shows in the bottomline, though this site is still earning, adsense revenue has gone down 30% in the past two months… Guess I just […]

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World Vision Philippines

I dropped by SM North EDSA earlier to buy some items when I chanced upon a booth of World Vision Philippines. In case you’re not familiar with World Vision Philippines it’s basically a charity organization where you can sponsor a child by giving money to World Vision which they then use to help the child’s community and provide him with education. What is nice about this setup is that they try to make it personal by having the sponsored child write to you plus they also update you on the progress of the child. Communication is not limited one way, you can also write back to your sponsored child if you’d like.

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Diablo III Announced by Blizzard!

Woot! Blizzard just announced Diablo III! Apparently it has been in development for a few years now (as it has been rumored countless times). No word yet on when it will come out but with Starcraft II (hopefully) just around the corner and Diablo III upcoming I probably need to save up some money to upgrade my old Athlon 64 PC.

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